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6 Ways to Manage Change

Change is going to happen! It's like taxes and death, none of us are going to get away from it. On a lighter note, we can manage change. If done correctly, it can be a easier transition for both you and your employees. If handled incorrectly, you may lose good employees, some employees will put their heels in the ground and not implement changes, and worst of all, your employees may start to take it out of customers! That won't be good at all! Think about it, we have all been to a business where the employees talk down about the business owner and the business itself.

What do you do? Manage the process, ask employees what they think (this does not mean they make the decisions, this means they feel heard and you might even lean something).


If you need to make changes and you are not sure what needs to be done, ask your customers for ways you can provide better service to them. Also, make sure you observe your employees interaction with your customer. Also, never, ever, ever correct or discipline an employee in front of a customer, the customer may think your a jerk!

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